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Is there any evidence of God’s existence?

michelangelo God and ManIt is not possible to scientifically prove the existence of God. The believer seeks a sign of God’s existence in the immediate vicinity. You usually point to the greatness of creation or nature and when you see both the beauty of nature and the interaction that exists in the creation, you wonder if this could have come without a force far beyond our capability to comprehend. Can, for example, the development that causes the fertilized egg to be born as a fully developed baby after nine months be explained by anything other than by any kind of divine plan? Or the complicated process in billions of years that leads to the earth and the universe we are part of, is it possible without a deeper meaning?

Believers are well aware that this does not prove the existence of God, but are factors that point to the fact that the power and meaning of existence that we call God is actually a living reality. Just as you can not prove God’s existence, you can not prove the opposite either.

There is no contradiction between science and belief simply because they answer different questions: while science tries to describe how does faith try to answer the question why. Finally, faith in God is about the individual’s own experience: the believer is experiencing that God is present in our lives, giving guidance and meaning.

Does God answer when you pray?

praying handsGod hears prayer, but does not always answer as we thought. The prayer is not primarily a wish list to be read, but a communication with God. Therefore, prayer is sometimes called “the heart’s conversation with God”. God already knows what we need and what we want to give provide us with all that is good. Jesus says, “Your Father knows what you need before you have asked Him for it” (Matthew 6: 8). The prayer is therefore about getting to know God, who he is and what he wants. The author C Lewis has said, “I do not pray because it changes God, but because it changes me.”

Sometimes we pray to forgive or to ask for forgiveness. Sometimes we know what we want, sometimes there’s no structure. Sometimes we may have forgotten what we asked for, and when that happens then you might wonder, “I’ve asked for this.” For situations that are difficult, for example, for illness or for a test in school or for a job interview, prayer may result in feeling calm and bold because of the presence of God in the situation and thus gaining power to meet a challenge.

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